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We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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Furian Online 
Server overview
Level: 120
Exp/Sp: x150/x150
Gold/Item: x40/x75
English language
2804 interested views
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Server Information
Addicted Network

PVE Server 12D (125) Cap Server

Some Information About The Server:
Level Cap: 125
Skill Cap: 125
Chinese Mastery: 390

The new ratings are :
EXP/SP Rating : 150x
Drop ratio : 75x
Gold drop ratio : 40x
SOX drop ratio : 5x
Magic pop ratio : 10x
Alchemy + : +1(95%) +2(95%) +3(95%) +4(80%) +5(70%)
+6(60%) +7(50%) +8(40%) +9(20%) +10(10%)
+11(5%) +12(5%)
Stack Able Items:
Special Universal Pills
Vigor Grain Recovery
All Of The Potions

Botting = Allowed ( except on Events )
Academy farming is totally prohibited
Fortress War: Working
Forgotten World: Working
Job Cave: Working

More Information:
Capture The Flag: Working
Fortress War: Working
Battle Arena: Working
Alexandria: Working
Jupiter Map & Temple : Working
Qin-Shi Tomb: Working
Gate of Ruler Roc The Monster Bird: Working
Gate of Sarin Tribe Beakyung the white viper: Working

Avatars: Many choices of different dresses
Devil/Angel Spirit 15/20% : Available
Last New Dresses
Furian Premium Created By Furian Online
New Fellow pets
Many More At The Item Mall.

Custom Furian NPC with nice items for silk / gold:
Normal stones and special custom made stones
Fellow pets (attack and vehicle in one)
Advanced elixir up to +4

Starter Items When U Create A Character:
GrabPet Jaguar LifeTime Scroll (Forever) 5 pages
Reverse Return Scroll: 50Pieces
Instant Return Scroll: 50Pieces
Global Chatting: 50Pieces
Inventory Expansion Item
Beginner scrol of Movement
60% Exp Helper
100% Exp helper
1000 Hp X Large Potions ( Item Mall Package )
1000 Mp X Large Potions ( Item Mall Package )
1.5m Gold
500K Sp

New Zerk Colors
New Weapon +Colors
New skill effects till level 125

Random Events (with free silk reward possible)

Forgotten World(Flame Mountains) to collect super most powerfull weapon
Collect coins for Egyption Gear for most powerfull gear, D13 look , black edition
Forgotten World(Shipwreck) monsters/uniques with high xp reward , "the xp cave"

Vote 4 Silk!

Vote for silk also has another name : vote for points.
Those points can be used ingame in the F10 item mall feature to buy silk items.

How to vote :
1 Login on the website
2 Press the 10 icons that are listed on the homepage
3 if done all, you will have gained your points in your account

The points can be used ingame in F10 item mall but also here on the site !
Go to the shop and see the items you can have for your points. You will be able to buy coins, potions, talismans etc,...


Furian Online is a nice and cool community that gives the players
a nice gameplay and lots of fun in the server with many events etc.

Server Media
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