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Leyku Online 
Server overview
Level: 80
Exp/Sp: x30/x60
Gold/Item: x30/x10
English language
2086 interested views
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Server Information

• 100 HP Potion
• 100 MP Potion
• 20 Return Scroll
• 10 Speed Potion
• 5 Pegasus
• 100k Skill Point


• HP / MP Potion : 1000
• Pill : 1000
• Stone : 100
• Elixir : 100
• Arrow : 1000


• There are two special npc ( Sox Item and Alchemy ).
• You can buy sos,som,sun items for gold from sox npc.
• You can buy magic,attribute stones and elixir for gold from alchemy npc.
• 1-7 dg +5 items in npc.
• Job rate was kept stable.You will get 100~200% profit for any trade. 5* Buy Price : 100m , Sell Price : 200m ( Jangan - Downhang )
• Fortress War 2 days a week ( Wednesday and Saturday )
• Only item and gold drops from mobs.
• Magic pop removed.
• Devil spirit removed.
• Mbot pill bug fixed.
• Academy and honor system removed.
• Battle arena removed.
• Capture the Flag removed.
• Snow shield requires int.
• Unique spawn time decreased to 30 minutes.
• Job penalty removed.
• Old intro activated.
• Titan uniques removed.


• Vote for Silk.
• Character and Guild ranking by item points.
• Job ranking by job level.
• Automatic donate system.
• Support

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</aside><aside id="linkcat-1356" class="widget widget_links"><h1 class="widget-title">Blogroll</h1>
<ul class='xoxo blogroll'>
<li><a href="">Discover New Voices</a> |
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style="font-size: 15pt;" aria-label="Office Buildings For Sale (3 items)">Office Buildings For Sale</a> | </li>
<li><a href="">warehouse Miami</a> | </li>
<li><a href="">Get Inspired</a> |
<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-47411503 tag-link-position-92"
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<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-407204963 tag-link-position-306"
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<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-6106403 tag-link-position-651"
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<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-57435934 tag-link-position-556" style="font-
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<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-195696400 tag-link-position-481"
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<a href="" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-411918447 tag-link-position-633"
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