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[Other] Other Downloads
Silkroad 2004 Map Files 20.12.12 Admin -- 4803 47 --
Silkroad 2004 Map Files Here are the old maps from the 2004 silkroad client.
SRO Fan Kit 20.12.12 Admin 1.0 15893 43 --
SRO Fan Kit This is a kit with 263 images of silkroad online art, wallpapers, logos and much more.
[Players] Game tools
Auto Alchemy: Attribute Stone Fuser (vSro) 02.03.13 Admin v.1 21759 554 --
Auto Alchemy: Attribute Stone Fuser (vSro) Fuse-O-Mat for Attribute Stones
Auto Alchemy: Magic Stone Fuser (vSro) 02.03.13 Admin v.1 5695 46 *****
Auto Alchemy: Magic Stone Fuser (vSro) Fuse-O-Mat for Magic Stones
mBot + Crack for vsro/private servers 31.01.13 Admin 1.12b 221979 339 ****
mBot + Crack for vsro/private servers - Download mBot and extract it in a folder.
- Download the crack and extract both files (loader + dll) in the mbot folder.
- Start mBotLoader.exe and wait until mBot shows up.
- Set your silkroad folder if it's not done yet.
- Make sure that y
Sarkolata's Auto Fuser for VSRO 29.12.12 Admin v 1 8832 54 *
Sarkolata's Auto Fuser for VSRO The idea is simply taken from Fuse-o-mat, but this one is better -
edx Silkroad Loader/Multiclient 20.12.12 Admin 5.0.3d 29489 53 --
edx Silkroad Loader/Multiclient Silkroad online multiclient/loader
[Server Owners] Server Creations
ecSRO/ZSZC Server Files - 1 10.02.13 Admin 1 6849 108 --
ecSRO/ZSZC Server Files - 1 These are the improved server files used by the ecSRO & ZSZC private servers, with the old silkroad system.

Only needs 2-4 GB ram, and can handle up to 1000 players!
vSRO Server Files - 1.188 31.01.13 Admin v.1 132620 345 ****
vSRO Server Files  - 1.188 These are the complete files of the vSRO Server Files ver 1.188.
Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon) 29.01.13 Admin V1.0.5 2012 45 --
Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon) V1.0.5:
- Added "spoofing" ip address for certification etc
- Fixed disabling log database calls
- Added max pet level setting
- Fixed tons of minor bugs (also related to crashes)
- Added arena/ctf reward count [test] (reward items comes in
vSRO Client Files - 1.188 27.12.12 Admin 1.188 15569 224 *****
vSRO Client Files - 1.188 (NEW)2013-02-11 Link updated!

This is the original vSRO client 1.188, the only edit on this client is the media.pk2 text has been translated to english.
And the rest has not been changed.
SSE Emulator 11.12.12 Admin v 4.2 10601 0 --
SSE Emulator SSE include many advanced engines which makes your game more realistic.
Because of simple customization system you are able to make your own in game teleports, NPC’s, monsters, monsters respawns fast and easy without knowledge about coding.
[Server Owners] Server tools
Pk2 EFP color editor 31.12.12 Admin v 1 1014 80 --
Pk2  EFP color editor Explanation:
The efp is built up out of different parts, every part has one BlendDiffusegraph.
Silkroad Map Viewer 20.12.12 Admin 1.0 1364 50 --
Silkroad Map Viewer View the silkroad online maps, objects and building in a 3d view.
DDJ/DDS Converter 20.12.12 Admin -- 2501 75 --
DDJ/DDS Converter This converts the files DDJ to DDS and vice versa.
Pk2 Tools editor & extractor 20.12.12 Admin 1.0 5545 164 --
Pk2 Tools editor & extractor Extract all the files from the pk2 files, and edit the pk2 files.
JoyMax Pk2 tool 20.12.12 Admin -- 2976 42 --
JoyMax Pk2 tool Easy pk2 edit tool made and used my joymax.
Unique kill point adder 16.12.12 Admin 1.0.5 807 31 --
Unique kill point adder pointAdder 1.0.5 - give players reward points for killing uniques
AIO Server Manager 11.12.12 Admin 1.2 2185 28 --
AIO Server Manager SMC is really complex so we're trying to cover all smc functions to be able to throw your smc at the bin and not to use it again !
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