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Auto Alchemy: Magic Stone Fuser (vSro) v.1

Ever used Fuse-O-Mat? This tool is based on that source code, THEREFORE it read the first two (or 3) slots of the inventory!

Follow these steps to make it work:
Download the file
Open up edxLoader (or mBot) to find out your servers IP / port. (If you know the IP, just simply skip this step)
Open up phConnector.ini


It should look like this (without IP and port):


Second line, IP=____ <-- Here goes the server IP.
Third line, Port=____ <--- Here goes the port (usually 15779)
(Note: IMPORTANT!!! Idk why this guy set the ports to 9000, but it didnt work for me if I tried with that, SO!)
4th line: 15778 - 5th line: 15777 (Note: I noticed in some cases you dont need to tick "Redirect Agent Server" in the loader, but still you should fill this one out.)
6th line: BotPort: 15000 (Note: IMPORANT!! If you already have phConnector and decided not to use the new, 16000 port is the default! Either set it to 15000, or edit the stone fusers settings.ini (it has a line: bot_port=15000)


If you set different ports, it will give you this error:


Close and save phConnector.ini.
Open edxLoader, tick Redirect Gateway Server. IP:, Port: 15778 (Note: If you experience issues, try doing the same with Redirect Agent Server too!)
Launch! (Stuck at splash screen (little window)? Possibly bad IP/port config)


My configuration:


Log into your character
Open your inventory: 1st slot: ITEM ; 2nd slot: STONE
(WARNING! The tool WILL FUSE the stone WHATEVER IT IS in the 2nd slot!! You have to tick what do you fuse BECAUSE of the RESPONSE PACKET!! If you set the wrong option, or you put the wrong stone ==> WASTING STONES!)
Choose the blue you want to put on (you put STR stones on your wep? 1st slot: weapon, 2nd slot: str stone, Tool: tick STR, and set the number)
Click Start alchemy!
Wait for the alert window.

Notable things:
Since it is based on Fuse-O-Mat, it has the error that it sometimes STOPS. Apparently for no reason, it just stops fusing, we do not know why. You may want to contact the creator about this issue. At these occasions, press Start again, it should do the trick - or simply reopen the program.
March 02 2013 13:17:19
Download 5948
Version: v.1

631 #1 Helmy Omar

on March 17 2013 22:24:29
nice tools
469 #2 Hamo Ahmed

on May 07 2013 21:02:27
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vincent #3 vincent

on June 01 2013 06:02:56
what server is this and how do you get through "cannot find string with str/int/dur/parry information"
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