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mBot + Crack for vsro/private servers 1.12b

- mBot Crack by ColdFever^NoEx -

Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP (x86 - x64).


- Download mBot and extract it in a folder.
- Start mBotLoader.exe and wait until mBot shows up.
- Set your silkroad folder if it's not done yet.
- Make sure that your firewall isn't blocking mBot connections.
- Press Login button and wait until the message "Successfully logged in" appears.
- Configure the bot as usual and enjoy!

---------- CHANGELOG -----------

* 02.22.2012 *
- Initial release! (Current version: 1.12b )

---------- HOW TO USE THE BOT -----------

You can find anything you need on the mBot forum, "Guides & FAQ" section.

---------- IMPORTANT! -----------

- The crack loader needs .NET Framework 4 to run and work properly!

- Please note that mBot is not currently compatible with new VSRO files (new job system), maybe that the mBot developer will release an update soon, or not...
January 31 2013 01:21:11
Download 206907
Version: 1.12b
O/S: Windows 7 / Vista / XP (x86 - x64)

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