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We are having some problems with the server status/capacity host, that's why it says Offline on all the servers.
We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
Downloads: edx Silkroad Loader/Multiclient
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edx Silkroad Loader/Multiclient 5.0.3d


This is the third iteration of the edxSilkroadLoader_Lite project. This version aims to fix a few bugs and add some important missing functionality (not Silkroad features!). Please see the "Updates" section for changes. In addition, this thread has a FAQ section for common problems, so please check there first before asking for help.

In addition, the edxKRCaptchaGen tool has been included in this release. This tool allows for an "English" version of the Korean captcha to be entered for users who does not wish to have to switch their computer locale to Korean and enter Korean text. If you are fine using that method, this tool is not for you then!


ISRO - Fully supported. Unpacked clients are no longer required.

KSRO - Fully supported. Unpacked clients are no longer required. Note: Korean locale has to be set on your PC to enter the Korean captcha. However, to get around this, you may use the included edxKRCaptchaGen program for English based captcha.

CSRO - Not supported. As of October 29th, CSRO's client based protection detects the edxSilkroadLoader and disconnects you from the server. This is true of version 2 and 3 of the loader and has nothing to do with any updates to the loader itself.

TSRO - Not supported. As of September 10th, TSRO has blocked all foreign IPs.

VSRO - Fully supported. If XTrap is not used, which prevents the loader from working correctly.

JSRO - Not supported. JSRO has blocked all foreign IPs. JSRO uses GameGuard, which prevents the loader from working correctly.

You must always update via Silkroad.exe to the latest version before using the loader. Please remember to do this on your Silkroad version's patch day!

edxSilkroadLoader Instructions:

Step 1. Download and extract the "" package. You may run it from anywhere you wish.

Step 2. Run "edxSilkroadLoader_Lite.exe". Note: If you run the loader while you are updating a Silkroad version, that version will fail to load and it will be removed from the loader. Wait until it updates and add it again if that happens.

Step 3. Click "Add" under Silkroad Directories. Navigate to your Silkroad directory and select your "sro_client.exe" file. Note: it's ok if you select any file as long as it's in the Silkroad directory! Repeat this step for all your Silkroad versions.

Step 4. Choose the Silkroad directory you wish to use. Next select the desired Division server, and then the Login server to connect to. Click Launch!

Step 5. Wait until the new dialog "Configure patches..." appears. Configure your patches for this particular client. These settings will be automatically saved for this specific Silkroad version.

Step 6. Click "Start!" to run the client or "Terminate" to exit the client. Please wait up to a few minutes for the first client to actually start. If no client actually runs after 3 minutes, your antivirus/security programs have blocked the DLL.You will need to add the loader and the DLL to your safe file list!

Step 7. Repeat Steps 4-6 for each client you wish to run. You may close the loader at any time you wish or just leave it open.

edxSilkroadLoader Updates:
[edxSilkroadLoader] Fixed the buggy path logic. It should no longer crash on startup after removing directories.
[edxSilkroadLoader] Added the "..." button to open the "%appdata%/edxLabs/edxSilkroadLoader" folder for convenience.
[edxSilkroadLoader] Added the version locale to the GUI for convenience.
[edxSilkroadLoader] Added "requiresAdministrator" setting to make sure the loader executes with Administrator privileges.
[edxSilkroadDll] Integrated the English Based Captcha project (link)
[edxSilkroadDll] Added version specific configuration auto saving and loading. The settings you choose will be saved for the next instance you launch.
[edxSilkroadDll] Added packed client support. No more unpacked clients are required!
[edxSilkroadDll] Changed the address calculation logic. Only the loaded executable image is used to calculate addresses rather than the file image.

edxSilkroadLoader FAQs:

Q. I have a problem, can you help me solve it?
Q. Yes! Please read the FAQs over first. If your problem is not solved please include information about which Silkroad version you are trying to run as well as what O/S you are using and as much detail about your problem as possible!

Q. I Get C7 Error on KSRO when using the English Patch?
A. C7 Login Fix

Q. I get Account already connected when using CSRO?
A. The CID is in use. Please see this page: Change cid - C-sro

Q. I keep on getting the error:
BSObj Plugin
can't create file transfer manager!
Maybe pack file is corruted or someone is already accesing it now...try a few minutes later

A. Run Silkroad.exe to update Silkroad since there was an update.

Q. I keep on getting the error:
ŃĘľ” Ĺ«∆–(9)

A. If you redirect the IP/Port, the program you are redirecting to is not configured correctly. If you are not redirecting, the Silkroad server you are trying to connect to is inaccessible. Try loading via Silkroad.exe to see if there is an inspection. If there is no inspection, try another login server in the loader. If that fails, make sure you do not have any host file modifications or other programs interfering with the Silkroad addresses (such as Peer Guardian)

Q. I get the ??? error when starting the client?
A. This usually means you are using a modified client that is not compatible with the loader or you are trying to start a Silkroad version that must use the English patch to start. Try starting the game using Silkroad.exe and see if it works. If it does not, then try reinstalling. If it does, make sure you are using the original client. Finally, try removing some patches to see if there is one specific patch that is causing problems.

Q. XTrap / Gameguard fail to start when using the loader.
A. This loader is not compatible with VSRO and JSRO, sorry!

Q. I can only connect 5 clients to KSRO before getting the IP limit error?
A. KSRO implements a lower connection count to their world servers than ISRO does. You will need to use a proxy to connect more clients.

Q. Multiclient does not work?
A. Place a check in the "Debug Console" to make sure there are no reported errors. If there are not, it is possible your PC is blocking the DLL. Antivirus and Antimalware programs can block the DLL, so you will need to add the edxSilkroadLoader files to a "safe list".

Q. Why is the server list not in English?
A. The server list comes as a packet to the client. This means you have to enable the correct locale for your Silkroad version to see it in the correct language first, then compare those characters to the English translations.

Q. Will you still post unpacked clients to the thread?
A. No. You may refer to this thread if you need an unpacked client:

Q. Will you add more features to the loader?
A. I do not have any plans to add more features to this specific loader. The purpose of this "lite" loader is to have a simple loader that offers a good minimal set of features that requires no maintenance.

Q. Will I get a ban using this loader?
A. If you are using CSRO, it is possible. However, no CSRO users have reported getting banned from using this loader. If you are using ISRO, no, as long as you are using the latest client. If you used an outdated client, you will send bad packets and get banned! For all other versions, no, Silkroad does not have the means to detect the loader.

Q. Where can I download the edxSilkroadLoader_Lite Beta 3 package from?
A. You must login to epvp to see the attached files! It is not uploaded anywhere else.

edxKRCaptchaGen Instructions:

Step 1. Run edxKRCaptchaGen.exe once. Minimize the window until you need it.

Step 2. Start a KSRO client via edxSilkroadLoader_Lite and make sure to have checked the "Use edxKRCaptchGen" option.

Step 3. Login to KSRO so you have the CAPTCHA on screen. If you get a C7 error, please look at the "edxSilkroadLoader FAQs" for the solution.

Step 4. Restore the edxKRCaptchGen tool and follow the directions to generate the image code text required.

edxKRCaptchaGen FAQs:

Q. Where can I download the edxKRCaptchaGen.exe program?
A. It is included in the edxSilkroadLoader_Lite Beta 3 package, attached to this thread.

Q. What do I use for the 'Trail' character?
A. Ignore the 'Trail' character since KSRO CAPTCHAs do not make use of them as far as I can tell. Leave it as 0 always so you do not mess up the image code calculation.

Q. I can't find a symbol to enter?
A. If you do not see a character that you need to enter, then you are looking for the wrong character! The characters follow the format of Lead Vowel Tail, so try your best. I have had a few that I couldn't get right, but that's how it is when you don't fully understand a language.

Q. The KSRO image code fails for me when using the string from edxKRCaptchaGen?
A. First, make sure you are actually using the "edxSilkroadLoader_Lite Beta 3" loader. Second, make sure you have placed a check in the "Use edxKRCaptchaGen" chexbox. Third, make sure you have the Korean language installed on your OS. It does not have to be active, but it needs to be installed! Fourth, keep trying the image code, it takes a bit of practice and patience!
December 20 2012 22:35:57
Download 25563
Version: 5.0.3d
© Drew Benton

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