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We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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vSRO Client Files - 1.188 1.188

(NEW)2013-02-11 Link updated!

This is the original vSRO client 1.188, the only edit on this client is the media.pk2 text has been translated to english.
And the rest has not been changed.
December 27 2012 19:48:52
Download 10208
Version: 1.188
© JoyMax

حسن عابد #71 حسن عابد

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حسن عابد #72 حسن عابد

on June 25 2015 16:14:55
John #73 John

on June 30 2015 14:45:21
I'm having some trouble with this .rar file. Whenever I attempt to extract from it I get a message saying "unexpected end of archive". I attempted to fix it which allowed me to extract mostly everything from the .rar file except for silkroad.exe, so_client.exe and extractor.exe.

Please help.
Thank you so much!
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on July 31 2015 17:28:16
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3698 #78 ZaMpa

on August 13 2015 20:41:47
Downloaded 3 times this client.
Last time with Flashget (i suspected FF to drop some packets), but i still get the same error with 7zip:

Data error in "silkroad.exe". File is broken

Same error as "John" with Winrar :
"unexpected end of archive"

I guess the archive is somehow corrupted :s
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