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We are having some problems with the server status/capacity host, that's why it says Offline on all the servers.
We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
Downloads: Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon)
Downloads Home > [Server Owners] Server Creations > Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon)

Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon) V1.0.5

- Set max level
- Set max mastery
- Enable/disable any messages in gameserver window (performance increasement)
- Enable/disable dumps (performance increasement)
- Enable/disable green book
- Enable/disable writing data to log db (mssql/gs itself performance increasement)

- Fixed problems with setting cap to 130
- Added some basic detour functions (should show up unique kills at console window). Not logging anything to log files yet, just testing.
- Some more little fixes


- Fixed warning message in gameserver window (processing green book opcode)
- Added logging of unique kills into log files
- Fixed some issues with detour


- Added max exchange gold setting
- Added max stall item price gold setting
Don't forget, you have to edit client side too, and you got to do it on your own, since this is server-side project. Also, both values are 4 bytes, setting too high values will cause overflow.


- Added "spoofing" ip address for certification etc
- Fixed disabling log database calls
- Added max pet level setting
- Fixed tons of minor bugs (also related to crashes)
- Added arena/ctf reward count [test] (reward items comes in next ver)
- Disable any patch by setting it's value to -1
- Fixed error with green book
- Added arena reward item codename/param settings [test]
- Added CTF reward item codename/param settings [test]
January 29 2013 20:54:28
Download 1355
Version: V1.0.5
© Chern0byl

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Charles and camilla leave canada wednesday after 3
Charles and camilla leave canada wednesday after 3

Prince charles wonderful wife, camilla, a duchess of cornwall, ended their trip to canada marking the queen diamond jubilee, thursday, with a venue and a concert by the regina symphony orchestra in regina, sask.At the party, prime minister stephen harper told the crowd that canadians from all walks off life are celebrating the queen 60 years of service harper also announced thatGovernment entities is marking the royal visit by making donations to two charities in the royal couple names.The final day of prince charles and camilla visit to canada was rich in more people power.Everyone from politicians and dignitaries to aboriginal students and young business people turned out in regina to meet the royal couple.The prince said he was incredibly moved by the stories of countless canadians who have selflessly served their communities.The royal couple then headed to edinburgh airport where the prince inspected troops gathered for a 21 gun military salute.Charles and camilla then boarded a airaircraft, gave a quick wave regards, and looking for home.The royal couple left toronto for regina tues night.The prince of wales was greeted with some flowers from a local grade 5 student.The pair toured the saskatchewan legislature, where prince charles is to present the diamond jubilee medal to six people he did the same thing at queen park in toronto on stock exchange.On the following thursday, impassioned crowds of royal well wishers, youngsters with bouquets of flowers, and plenty of cameras and touch screen phone photos were being taken as the royal couple visited toronto.The royal couple visited new and old attractions, like yonge street mission and old fort york.Arthur, 5, from mississauga sat patiently on the curb with his mom in the distillery district hoping for the prince to arrive.He said he held up two flowers of tulips and the prince walked right over to him.Charles i gave him a flower bouquet and stuff, arthur reported.Bronwyn, wearing a union jack scarf had a brief talk to the prince.Like prince personable, bronwyn mentioned.Like visiting a pop idol.My legs were moving before he even arrived.Prince charles and camilla attended a reception with ontario premier dalton mcguinty at the distillery district before touring the thompson landry memorial.Their first stop was at queen park for the lieutenantGovernor diamond jubilee medal ceremony and response.Prince charles also stopped by ryerson institution, where he met students and internet marketers at the digital media zone.At that time, the duchess of cornwall was at moss park armoury for her first visit to unveil her official portrait as colonel in chief of the own rifles.Their last stop through the day was old fort york where they watched ceremonies commemorating the war of 1812.The pair then made their way to pearson airport where they boarded a plane to regina, sask, to attend several events and meet with pm stephen harper.The royal couple kicked off the ontario leg health from the canadian tour on monday, and took in the victoria day evening fireworks show at ashbridges bay in gta.As they exited issues the plane, prince and his wife were saluted by three rcmp officers and three members of the toronto police.Then they shook hands with the line of dignitaries there to greet them, contain lt.Gov.Brian onley, best dalton mcguinty and mississauga mayor hazel mccallion.At the end of the line stood a young girl in a blue dress who handed the duchess of cornwall some flowers.Their main stop in the course of was taking in the fireworks show with premier mcguinty and toronto mayor rob ford from a boat on the water.Huge crowds gone to the annual ashbridges bay fireworks display.Premier mcguinty invited members from the three branches of emergency services around southerly ontario, and their friends to attend the event.Prince charles and camilla arrived by boat and were met with cheers and applause.They then spent the time to meet many of the emergency response workers and shake their hands.The royal couple in progress the canadian tour in new brunswick on sunday evening, because of their plane touching down sunday in fredericton.The prince newly designed canadian flag was displayed out the cockpit window as the plane taxied to the international airport.The royal couple were greeted by local dignitaries contains federal fisheries minister keith ashfield and new brunswick lt.Gov.Graydon nicholas.Ten years old kaitlyn tozer, 10, gave flowers to camilla prior to when the royal couple were whisked away in a limousine.On monday day time, prince charles and camilla went along to cfb gagetown, the prince in a dark blue lounge suit decorated with military medals and his wife wearing a dark blue and white bruce oldfield dress with a matching hat.The duchess joined the prince on stage as he briefly addressed the audience, saying how glad they both are to be visiting canada once again and what it like to be the father of two sons serving in within the armed forces. The couple lunched at the base at aGovernment of Canada reception where they met with military members and their own families.A walkabout in saint john along prince william street have also been held.
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