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We are having some problems with the server status/capacity host, that's why it says Offline on all the servers.
We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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News about coming features!
The Server Maker, Dev center and Silk Bay is currently under construction and will be available soon.

Information about the coming features.

[Server Maker]
A complete guide with the working files, so you don't need to download all the fixes.
The guide will be really simple to follow, even for those who have never seen a db before.

From nothing to an online server where you can run or just play with friends.

[Dev Center]
A place where all the developers/updaters can post there projects, everything from a new area,degree update to new cosutm game fetures.

[Silk Bay]
This will be the area you will be able to sell stuff related to Silkroad online.
The first 2 categories will be characters and complete servers.

And all the members will be able to submit there character from any server to sell in the silkbay, same with the complete server.
We will also add more categories like selling services etc..

[Server bar advertisement like google ads]
This is not complete yet, but will be available soon.
With paypal payment, and it will be easy automated so no waiting will be needed.

We will also be working on the current features like the server list, team maker, downloads etc.
When there are any new stuff added or any website updates we will make an announcement about it.

Welcome to SROinfo!
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