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Level: 80
Exp/Sp: x10/x10
Gold/Item: x1/x10
English language
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Server Information
General information:

Server Files: BlackRogue 1.037
Race: Chinese Only
Level Cap: 80
Skill Cap: 300
Exp Rate :x10
Party Exp: x20
Gold Drop Rate :x1
Item Drop Rate: x10
SoX Drop Rate: x2
Job Reward Rate: x10
Alchemy Rate: x1
Botting: Forbidden

Start Items:

1 Day Gold Ticket
20x Instant Return Scrolls
20x 100 % Speed Scrolls
500x HP/MP Pots and Universal Pills
3 Day Pick pet (Monkey)
500,000 Gold
+ 25,000 Start Skillpoints

Available Areas:

Donwhang Cave
Thief Town

Further Information:

Lv. 75 vehicle/trade pets have been added
Silk items can be won through CTF
Pay2Win elements are completely removed
A "Bot Protector" item can be purchased at the grocery store
Honor ranking has been disabled
Magic pop has been disabled

CTF Reward List:

1 Day Pet Clock
Magic Stone of Luck (Dg. 8)
Magic Stone of Luck (Dg. 7)
Elixirs (all)
Skill point experience scroll (5 % – 20 %)
Skill Point Scroll
Reverse Return Scroll
Instant Return Scroll
Global Chatting
Skill Restoration Pill

Server Media
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