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We are having some problems with the server status/capacity host, that's why it says Offline on all the servers.
We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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Level: 100
Exp/Sp: x75/x75
Gold/Item: x5/x9
English language
3755 interested views
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Server Info
Hello all,
today I present you Euphoric Online
one lvl 100 cap pve server

Experience rate:75x
Party experience rate: 80x
Gold drop rate: 5,5x
Item drop rate: 9x
Lvl cap: 100
Skill cap: 100
Race: CH & EU
Magic pop rate: 3x


Fortress War : Yes
Battle Arena: Yes
Capture The Flag: Yes
special Honor rank: Yes
Advanced Elixirs: Yes
Magic Pop: Yes


Items available on npc:
1d-8d sun +5/+7 (Str/Int 7)
Gold dragon flag on Npc (int/str 9)
New Premium
many new Dresses (Blue Soul Knight and more)


Start Items:

20 Beginner Return Scrolls
5 Pegasus
100 Hp /MP Recovery Potion X-Large
5 150% Moving Speed Scrolls
10 100% Resurrection Scroll
5 Reverse Return Scroll
5 Instand Return Scroll
Full Arabain Dress
Rabbit Summon Scrol

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a league of legend player #1 a league of legend player

on June 28 2013 08:31:58
what is the alchemy rate on this server?Wink
1113 #2 EuphoricOnline

on June 28 2013 12:11:45
alchemy 2 x
a league of legend player #3 a league of legend player

on June 29 2013 10:36:24
does this server involved in coin system?
1113 #4 EuphoricOnline

on June 29 2013 18:43:05
server is oldscool like out Coin system
wanna join #5 wanna join

on July 02 2013 13:44:49
why is the server off? when i try to connect i get maintenance or updates error
EuphoricOnline #6 EuphoricOnline

on July 02 2013 23:05:17
server work Out problems all sytem work fine
1109 #7 lenny195

on July 05 2013 14:20:31
Nice Server :-)
Hades #8 Hades

on August 02 2013 18:58:44
free plvl and gold in game . just pm Hades in game and i will answer you. btw awesome game :*:*: <3 Euphoric team
1327 #9 Popsor Alexandru

on August 02 2013 22:26:37
Poseidon : SRO love this server is the best!!
Harry Flowers #10 Harry Flowers

on August 23 2013 17:16:46
Nice web site, I enjoyed my visit, if you at any time the server is down and you would like to order some flowers in a rush we may perhaps be ready to aid you, we have flowers for delivery today in London, flowers for delivery today in Liverpool, flowers for delivery today in Manchester , bouquets for delivery today in Hampshire, in fact we can deliver bunches of flowers today all over the country, so speak to us.
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