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Server overview
Level: 110
Exp/Sp: x45/x80
Gold/Item: x10/x6
English language
1118 interested views
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Server Information
- Pvp Server
- Level cap 110
- Mastery level total CH 330
- Mastery level total EU 220
- Max lv 110

Stack Options

- HP/MP/Pill/Vigor = 200
- Coins = 1k
- Elixir = 1k
- Arrow/Bolt = 1k
- Drug Potion = 10


- you get 2 silk free per 1 hours online !
- Unique Spawn - Like ( Yarkan / Tiger / ISSY / etc.... )
- Strong unique auto spawn - Every 2 Hours
- Battle Arena -every 30 minute 7 arena coins To Winners / 2 Arena Coins to Losers ! [Working]
- Capture The Flag - 1 Arena Coin Per KILL !!! + 1 Arena Coins To Winners !! [Working]
- Fortress war - 1 Tims in the week ! [Working]
- New Avatars in item mall and in new Npc !! [Added]
- Unique Ranking ! First 3 players will get reward ! every week !
- added Temple uniques drop silver coins and arena coins
- alchemy rate ( from +1 to +8 sucess 100% +9 50% +10 20% From normal magic powder ..... from +1 to +10 Sucess 100% +11 90 %.. with lucky magic powder )
- Alot of events every day every hour and more more +++ ...
-Max Alchemy|+20 No Advanced
-All Region|are open
-Ip limit |disabled
-CTF | Enabled
-Arena | Enabled

Start items

- Lvl 110 & 15.000.000 Skill point.
- 200.000.000 Gold
- 3 page Inventory
- Free Santa Avatar Dress
- 10 Reverse Scroll
- 20 Beginner Return scroll
- Free Premium - 28 Days
- Gold Big summon scroll 3Days

Server Media
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