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We are sorry about this issue, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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Mega x Sro  
Server overview
Level: 110
Exp/Sp: x150/x150
Gold/Item: x50/x50
English language
5155 interested views
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Server Information
Server Rates

• Exp: 150x
• Exp (Party): 200x
• Drop Items: 50x
• Drop Coin: 50x
• Drop Gold: 50x
• Alchemy Rate: 2x
• Magic PoP: 100%
• Stones Success: 100%

Server Features

• Magic Pop From 1D ~ 11D.
• Uniques (INT) and (STR).
• Sun Items In Npc +7 FB D1 ~ D9.
• Uniques Appear Every 1 Hour.
• Lucky Magic Powder Enable 2.5x.
• New Avatars.
• New Edit, New Effect and New Coin System.
• New Premium 30% With New Edit.
• New Devil (S) With New Blue [ Str & Int & HP & MP ].
• New Honor Buff Scroll Enable.
• No More Pay To Play.

How you can Get Egypt A & B ?

• Egypt (A) Weapons and Talisman From The King Ghost and The King Mole Appear In Cave Jangan Camp 1 & Camp 16.
• Egypt B Weapons in NPC 1000 mega-x coins.
• Egypt (A) and B Protector With Gold and Silver.
• Egypt (A) and B Accessory With Mega-x Coin.

How you can Get Coins ?

• Mega-X Coin From Titan Uniques and Normal Uniques Like: Tiger.Girl - Cerberus - Uruchi - Captain Ivy - Isyutaru - Lord Yarkan - Demon Shitan.
• Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper Coin From all mobs in Job Cave.

How you can Get Immortal/Astral and Global/Zerk ?

• Immortal & Astral From ITEM MALL now!!
• Global & zerk scroll Drop From ( Taishan Monster INT ) & ( Manho STR ).

How you can Get Advanced (C) +3 and (D) +4

• Drop from normal uniques like Tiger.Girl - Cerberus - Uruchi - Captain Ivy - Isyutaru - Lord Yarkan - Demon Shitan.

Available Towns

• Jangan: Available
• Donwhang: Available
• Hotan: Available
• Samarkand: Available
• Constantinople: Available
• Alexandria: Available
• Job Cave: Available
• Holy Water Temple: Available
• Battle Arena: Available
• C.T.F: Disable
• F.G.W: Disable


Server Media
659 #1 kwantrax

on November 11 2013 15:16:50
Join the best server ever!! <3
Chernobyl #2 Chernobyl

on November 15 2013 10:09:11
659 #3 kwantrax

on November 15 2013 11:45:03

on November 15 2013 21:11:21
This is the best server!! Join it and you will see!
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shit #8 shit

on July 04 2014 17:02:19
u frogot to write, the egypt wep dropper unique is 1 hit in cave, but 7/24 have 1000000000000 BOT NOOB SERVER
Fisherman #9 Fisherman

on October 16 2014 16:56:07
Server CloseD!!Angry
SuperAction #10 SuperAction

on October 21 2014 19:06:20
Game AvatarSro All come the game best game Thank youGrin
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